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  1. Hotel Killarney

    Hotel Killarney

    Killarney, 1.7 km to City centre

    Good – 75 / 100 (230 reviews)

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  2. The Gleneagle

    The Gleneagle


    Killarney, 1.7 km to City centre

    Very good – 80 / 100 (1566 reviews)

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  3. The Fairview

    The Fairview

    Killarney, 0.1 km to City centre

    Excellent – 87 / 100 (1413 reviews)

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  4. Park Place Apartments

    Park Place Apartments

    Serviced Apartment

    Killarney, 0.5 km to City centre

    Excellent – 93 / 100 (858 reviews)

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  5. Best Western Eviston House

    Best Western Eviston House

    Killarney, 0.4 km to City centre

    Good – 76 / 100 (433 reviews)

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  6. Holiday Inn Killarney

    Holiday Inn Killarney

    Killarney, 1.2 km to City centre

    Good – 79 / 100 (807 reviews)

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  7. Killarney Plaza Hotel and Spa

    Killarney Plaza Hotel and Spa

    Killarney, 0.4 km to City centre

    Excellent – 90 / 100 (948 reviews)

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  8. Arbutus Hotel Killarney

    Arbutus Hotel Killarney

    Killarney, 0.3 km to City centre

    Excellent – 87 / 100 (849 reviews)

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  9. Scotts Hotel

    Scotts Hotel

    Killarney, 0.2 km to City centre

    Excellent – 86 / 100 (1494 reviews)

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  10. Killarney Court

    Killarney Court

    Killarney, 1.2 km to City centre

    Very good – 82 / 100 (565 reviews)

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  11. Inveraray Farm Guesthouse

    Inveraray Farm Guesthouse


    Killarney, 8.9 km to City centre

    Very good – 84 / 100 (202 reviews)

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  12. Killarney Oaks Hotel

    Killarney Oaks Hotel

    Killarney, 2.3 km to City centre

    Very good – 84 / 100 (898 reviews)

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  13. Killarney Riverside

    Killarney Riverside

    Killarney, 1.3 km to City centre

    Very good – 82 / 100 (583 reviews)

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  14. Muckross Park Hotel & Spa

    Muckross Park Hotel & Spa

    Killarney, 4.1 km to City centre

    Excellent – 88 / 100 (770 reviews)

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  15. Gleann Fia Country House

    Gleann Fia Country House


    Killarney, 1.7 km to City centre

    Excellent – 87 / 100 (512 reviews)

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  16. Randles Hotel

    Randles Hotel

    Killarney, 0.7 km to City centre

    Excellent – 86 / 100 (1473 reviews)

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  17. Earls Court House

    Earls Court House

    Killarney, 0.9 km to City centre

    Excellent – 90 / 100 (1222 reviews)

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  18. The Brehon

    The Brehon


    Killarney, 1.6 km to City centre

    Excellent – 90 / 100 (1353 reviews)

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  19. Victoria House Hotel

    Victoria House Hotel

    Killarney, 1.9 km to City centre

    Excellent – 88 / 100 (1116 reviews)

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  20. Killarney Inn

    Killarney Inn


    Killarney, 1.2 km to City centre

    Very good – 84 / 100 (1105 reviews)

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      Killarney Peaks


      Killarney, 1.7 km to City centre

      Very good – 81 / 100 (391 reviews)

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    • Rockfield House

      Rockfield House


      Killarney, 4.0 km to City centre

      Excellent – 87 / 100 (559 reviews)

      Other deals

    • The Lake Hotel

      The Lake Hotel

      Killarney, 1.1 km to City centre

      Excellent – 89 / 100 (954 reviews)

      Other deals

    • Killarney Royal Hotel

      Killarney Royal Hotel

      Killarney, 0.1 km to City centre

      Excellent – 89 / 100 (432 reviews)

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    • No gallery available

      Countess House


      Killarney, 0.4 km to City centre

      Very good – 80 / 100 (363 reviews)

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    Hotels in Killarney


    Located in the beautiful south-west of Ireland, in the county of Kerry, is the charming town of Killarney. The town sits on shore of Lough Leane, which comprises part of Killarney National Park, and is in the shadow of the majestic MacGillycuddy Reek’s mountain range. Cill Airne, to give Killarney its Gaelic name (which means Church of the Sloes) is the most popular tourist town in Ireland, due mainly to its heritage and location in one of the most scenic parts of Ireland. However, underneath the tourism façade there lies many hidden treasures and you can find a rich culture, entertainment and liveliness.


    County Kerry’s location, where it juts out into the Atlantic Ocean, has been sculpted over time into an area where high mountains rush down into rolling seas, and with every landscape in between. Killarney is the start of the Ring of Kerry – a 180km circular route through some of the most beautiful locations on Ireland, where you can see many of these landscapes. Killarney is also part of the Wild Atlantic way – a 2,500km driving route along the Atlantic Coast of Ireland, from Donegal at the top, to Cork at the bottom. At the moment, it is the longest defined driving coastal routes in the world.

    Due to Killarney’s location, it serves as a gateway for the ring of Kerry and for the various peninsulas beyond. Due to the many and varied sights and attractions further out into the Ring of Kerry, Killarney makes a wonderful starting point, meaning you can stay here for your base and still explore the many sights of Kerry. Two major airports, Cork and Shannon, are within a two hour drive from Killarney, while Dublin is located further afield, but can be reached easily by bus and rail. However, the best way to sample all the delights of the area and to travel the ring would be by car.


    The town itself dates back to the mid-7th century, where evidence of Christianity has been found with a nearby monastery, and since then it has always occupied a special place for all manner of people throughout the ages since, which is noticeable with the cathedral, castles and abbeys in the vicinity. Tourism dates back to the mid -18th century when the Lord of Kenmare set up in the area people followed to spend time in the area. Recently the year of 1747 was used to celebrate a 250 year celebration of tourism. Indeed Queen Victoria holidayed in the area in 1861.


    When you get to Killarney, you will soon discover why it is the so popular for tourism in Ireland; from St. Mary’s Cathedral, to Muckross Abbey, from the Gap of Dunloe to Ross Castle, there are so many attractions in and around the town for you to peruse. You can discover the MacGillycuddy Reeks mountain Range, traipse through the walks and trails of Killarney National park where you can find the Lakes of Killarney and Torc Waterfall; it truly is the an outdoor dream. Just make sure you set yourself enough time in the area to get to everything, there is so much not to be missed.

    It’s no surprise given that this is tourist town that there are many festivals throughout the year. By far the most popular event is the Killarney Races; it is an 11 day horse racing extravaganza held over 3 periods in the summer. This is not just about the horses though, as with any large event, the secondary entertainment for all ages and tastes are all catered for. Moving from equine to auto racing, Killarney hold the annual International Rally of the Lakes in early May each year and this is not to be missed by the motor enthusiasts out there. Still, if racing of any kind is not your thing, the Killarney Food and Music festival should tickle your tastebuds and your ears. Held in late June, the festivals takes in Music and Comedy from International and Irish artists, along with a Gourmet food village. Outside of the festivals, regular events are also held at the INEC (Ireland's National Events Centre) as well as conferences of all types.


    Moving from entertainment to socialising and sustenance, you will find a plethora of restaurants, cafes, pubs and eateries in the Killarney area to cater to your needs. From top class restaurants serving the nest of Irish fare with a modern twist, you should try The Lake Restaurant, Bricin, Treyvauds Restaurant and Gaby’s. Here you will be looked after with top quality food and service. If you want something easier and on the go, definitely get down to Quinlan’s fish where you can sample the best of seafood from the nearby shores. There are also many other small and well hidden establishments where you can get very fine meals. Take your time to wander the streets, work up that appetite and pick a great place to spend your evening. Killarney will have something to suit you; we’ve talked about modern Irish but if you want something different, the town caters for many different types of cuisine, from Asia, to the Americas and European.


    After you’ve had your fill, what better way to round off an evening with a tour of some of Killarneys best pubs. The more upmarket bars and wine bars are of course located here, but if you want to keep it traditional, get to a traditional Irish pub where you will find Irish music being played at many of the establishments. Sample a Guinness while watching some of the best of Irish talent as they work the fiddle, tin whistle and boudhran, this is definitely a sight not to be missed.


    Killarney is known to be a great shopping town. As you meander the streets, you will notice a trend emerging however: tweed and wool. The nearby Killarney woollen mill means that there is a large industry for the fruits of their labour and you can find all manner of tweed and woollen items in many of the shop. From a traditional Irish flat cap to a knitted sweater, there is much to be found. Have a look through any of the shops before making your choice. As always, there are more contemporary shops if this style is not your thing, where you should find anything you require.


    After shopping and eating, it is time to get out of the main town and explore the nearby area. Many bus tours are run around the local area to all of the best scenery, just pop into the Tourist Information centre and some of the private operators who you can see around the town. Otherwise pick up a map and start walking the many trails around the town and in the mountains. The Gap of Dunloe is one sight that should not be passed up. Located high in the mountains, the scenery here takes your breath away. Take your camera and you can take that picture postcard that is so reminiscent of what Ireland represents.


    Killarney is a town that makes a great base for so much of the nearby area that it is well worth it to park up here for a while, or even if you’re just on a short break. There are no shortage of hotels to stay in if you are here for the warm weather in the summer, or just for winter getaway at Christmas. Indeed, outside of Dublin, Killarney has the most hotels rooms of any other town or city in Ireland. If you are staying on a budget, check out the local best deals and special offers on cheap and pleasant, but quality hostels and Bed and Breakfasts in the town centre and surrounding area. Budget accommodation such as the Holiday Inn are located here while smaller 2 and 3 star establishments are available too. There are many apartments, guesthouses, B&B’s and family friendly hotels with swimming pools and spas, for those looking for that little bit more.

    Moving up in range, Killarney does not suffer for lack of top quality hotels. The Killarney Plaza Hotel & Spa, The Gleneagles, The Malton, The Killarney Lake Hotel and Breton & Angsana Spa are just a few examples of the range accommodation to be found here. For the ultimate in luxury, be sure not to miss the 5 star Europe Hotel & Spa (part of the Killarney Hotels Group), a multi awarding winning hotel and Spa where you will be pampered and have every need looked after. For planning in advance, or if your visit is last minute, in summer or Christmas, you will be sure to get the hotel accommodation you require in Killarney.

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